Shipping Policy

We aim to fulfill our orders as quickly as possible. Currently we print shirts 2 times per week and ship the day after the shirt is printed. Because we do not always have every color and size in stock we ask for a turn around time of two weeks so that we have time to order your garment prior to printing.

Shipping is calculated based on the garment category and number of garments. The calculations vary depending on if your address is in the US or not.

Here are a breakdown of the charges.
Short sleeve shirts – 25% of the cost of the garment
Long sleeve shirts – 24% of the cost garment
Hoodies – 20% of the cost of the garment

Shipping charges are per garment. Orders of $100 or more will not incur a shipping charge.

International charges are a bit more complex
Short sleeve shirt – $10 base charge + ( 5% of the cost of the garment * [quantity ordered] )
Long sleeve shirt – $15 base charge + ( 7.5% of the cost of the garment * [quantity ordered] )
Hoodie – $30 base charge + ( 10% of the cost of the garment * [quantity ordered] )

A shipping notice with tracking number is sent to each person who orders.

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